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Mark 6:31 And He said to them, "You yourselves come apart to a solitary place, and rest a little." For those coming and those going were many, and not even did they have the opportunity to eat.

John the Beloved received the book of Revelation when he was banished to the Island of Patmos. Many believed that Shakespeare wrote many books, including King Lear, in quarantine as plague swept through London in the 1660s. Isaac Newton discovered that a freely falling object obeys a certain law, which he later called the law of gravity. As the corona Virus sent us into compulsory isolation, what will you, give birth to? remember this time for? or discover this season?

The time of isolation can be a great blessing if well utilized. The average 21st century woman is a workaholic! It is a day of increasing emphasis on doing more with our lives.  We wake up daily with loads of schedules for the day, weeks, and months. Hardly do we have time for self-development, spiritual nourishment and capacity building.

After long hours or perhaps days of ministration without rest, Jesus enjoined his disciples to go into solitary to relax and recuperate. Jesus would not be pressured by the unending need to minister to the people. What then can we learn from Jesus' style?

Foremost, is the need for periodical self-isolation. It is time to rest from labor and allow our bodies to rejuvenate. Our body can heal itself if given enough time and rest, self-care is very important.

It is also a time to reflect on the past, present, and future. Isolation is like a mirror that shows us what we indeed are. When we are surrounded by people, it is easy to have an overrated or underrated perception of ourselves. But when we come to ourselves in solitary, we being to understand what we are. It is indeed a great time to reflect on the way things have been with us and the exact reality of the present situation. We also have the opportunity to redirect or project our life into the future. It gives us time to have a mental picture of a kind of life that we truly desire.

Moreover, it is time to develop ourselves. When in isolation, it is easier to do what we love because we are free from peer and societal pressure, which is one of the enemies of self-actualization. It is a time of self-development in areas that matters most to us. Many times, there is always a conflict between doing what we genuinely love and doing what pays the bills. But at a time like this, when we are forced to stay in our homes, we can utilize this time do the things we love for which there has not previously been enough time for.

Are you passionate about leaning a new skill? This is the great time for you to start learning something new. Or is there a new idea you would like to put to the test, now could not be a better time to experiment. Our world has changed for now, possibly forever, Who knows? But it just might not be such a bad thing. It is pressing us to start reimagining ourselves, our spiritual lives, our professions, and our world; helping us to hone into the future and open up our minds to the possibilities of what life could be like after this pandemic is over. What does your reimagined life look like?

Meanwhile, as we strive to self- develop, spiritually develop, and create our individual new normal in this season of isolation, it is essential to state that we must not allow isolation to cause a complete strain on our very vital relationships. But instead utilize all the available technology to stay connected to family, friends, and loved ones as we all strive to adjust and adapt to our current way of life.


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